Effective Bedbug Extermination

Don't Live Another Day With Bedbugs in Your Home

Dependable bedbug treatments and extermination are just a phone call away. The team at Mantis Pest Control LLC can treat your home and remove any bedbug infestations to help you regain your peace of mind, and you get a sense of comfort knowing they have been taken care of.

We are your local bedbug experts, and we have developed an intense treatment program to eliminate your bedbug infestations and give control of your home back to you and your family.

4 Ways to Identify a Bedbug Infestation

  • Adult bedbugs are roughly the size and shape of an apple seed, so if they have infested an area in your home, you should be able to see them.
  • As the juvenile bedbugs grow, they will shed their outer skin and the skins will be visible when left behind.
  • After feeding, bedbugs will defecate and leave telltale black or brown stains on porous surfaces or black or brown mounds on nonporous surfaces.
  • Evidence of bites could also be an indication of bedbug activity, but a thorough inspection is necessary. Because, there are other possibilities that can result in red welts on the skin.
After our pest control specialists complete a thorough inspection of your home or property, we can recommend the best course of action to handle your level of infestation.

Get Professional Pest Control Services When You Need Them

Mantis Pest Control LLC also handles any residential and commercial pest control services that you could need, and we can also help with eliminating mosquitoes and ticks.

Call 978-454-2456 today for any pest control services that you need, and we will be on our way to assist you!
The staff at Mantis Pest Control LLC will effectively communicate with you before any type of baits for mice or rats are sprayed or implemented.

We also provide quality services at competitive and affordable prices to ensure you can get the pest control services that you need!
"Very professional and did work for estimate price. Will continue to hire in future."
Janet B. from Cambridge, MA
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